Good Ranking System for GW2 WvW

Q: Why did I decide to create a new ranking system for GW2?

A: Because it's time to get rid of our overcomplicated glicko2 rating system that doesn't work.


Tier Server Score Score Bar Point Rank Change
Tier 1 Blackgate 296872
+27.03 =
Tarnished Coast 182765
-21.8 =
Yak's Bend 221453
-5.24 =
Tier 2 Fort Aspenwood 254842
+14.38 =
Sea of Sorrows 207085
-7.05 =
Gate of Madness 206440
-7.34 =
Tier 3 Stormbluff Isle 208558
-0.03 =
Anvil Rock 210566
+0.93 =
Henge of Denravi 206721
-0.91 =
Tier 4 Kaineng 217890
+8.15 =
Northern Shiverpeaks 199741
-0.86 =
Crystal Desert 186746
-7.31 =
Note: The scores and servers are taken directly from GW2 API every time you refresh the page.

How does it work?

TLDR: If you win by a lot you will move up, if you lose by a lot you will move down.

The only thing that matters to determine if you move up or down is your score relative to your opponents for the current week. Preceding weeks do not matter at all.

For a server to move up, his point minus the point of the weakest server in the tier above him must be 37. Note that 37 is just a number that I chose for this example. You can adjust it to make it easier or harder to move up/down. An higher value will make it harder, while a lower value will make it easier.

The formula to calculate the point of each server is the following :

server_point = ((server_score / average_score_in_tier) - 1) * 100